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One of the greatest guitarists of all time, joined Megadeth(=God) from 1990 to 1999 and recorded some of the most amazing shit ever heard by human ears. His solos are out of his world, he could fucking rape any piece of shit that he comes up against, his Jackson Kelly guitars are the greatest thing to happen to music in a long time, and he could kick the fuck out of any half ass idiot like John Frusciante (red hot chili dickheads can sniff my fucking chode) or any other dildo like that just by looking at him. Also has the sweetest fucking hair ever seen, now lives in japan where he produces pop music and rapes the shit out of little asian whores.
Cool dood 1: I heard Marty Freidman killed god yesterday by playing "Hanger 18" so loud it blew his brains out of his ass.
Cool dood 2: Yea he tends to do things like that alot. Megadeth rules.
by Schmidto April 24, 2009
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