Married to the game can mean the person is married (obligated) to the game.

The game referring to: the rap game and or industry

the drug game
rap: "nah dog, i can't go shooting tonight, I'm married to the game and it needs me to go to sleep, i have a gig tomorrow"

drug: "the game isn't going to let me leave, i'm in this for the long run, drug dealer for life.."

Lyrics: Lil Wayne - Fireman - "Addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton.."
by j453 August 17, 2011
Top Definition
To put work above all else in life. Dedication to a job, craft or building one's skill.

Hustling, paper chasing.
I don't have time to date or take vacations because I'm married to the game, and the grind don't quit.
by QueenTrine April 08, 2015
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