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hilarious, cutie, major online talker and quite aws at it- delerious when grounded, serfs the net, finds aws pics of the person whom we dont speak of, yet talk about all the time- believes "no body represents" has aws butt clevage that freshmen boys obsess over- "fine piece of ass" has many times been said about her- has an aws online web just like yaya's - resembles Napoleon when in delerious moods- has a kick ass dog named deuce who loves a dog named coco- doesnt dance like a noodle nor will she associate with noodle dancers - sometimes a stalker, but aws at it- giggles- sneaky detective- crazy fingas when textin (when shes not grounded and has her phone) - has a killer death stare/ mean faces- cute and stylish yet quietly ghetto
by ANONYMOUS December 06, 2004
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