To feel indifferent or not bothered by something.
A friend asks you: "Hey man, what you think of that new chick?"
You reply: "Marph"
by Zomboy............ May 30, 2007
Top Definition

-Doing something so freakin impossible its never even been thought of.

-Doing something so crazy you have to repeat it 3 times for someone to even comprehend the basics of what u just said.

-It's the Big Daddy to merk.

-To totally fuk shit up the ass
Omg dude Ryan marph'd some kids lastnight on Call of Duty, he got a triple kill with a Flash bang!

Dude Jimmy just marph'd life last night, he got head from 4 girls and hes a legit homosexual.
by Maaarpheiy Chatterfeild December 14, 2009
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