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Noun: A disease similar to Parkinsons, named after Mark G, from Westcliff in Essex. The disease is characterised by boughts of idiocy; an inability to focus; clumsiness; things breaking from the other side of the room; not knowing when it's your turn in Risk. Potentially fatal if not treated.

Often found in combination with Markolepsy after consumption of Markotics
"Mark!!! Mark!!! It's your turn, fool. Go and sort your Markinsons Disease out!"
by Michael A A February 07, 2008
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Markinsons disease is a disorder of the brain that leads to shaking/tremors while trying to record your friends killing it on a skateboard.
Ace: Damn Mitch that's the last time we're taking you filming!
Mitch: WTF, Why, What did I do?
Ace: You can't keep the camera steady to save your life.
Mitch: My bad dude, I was just diagnosed with Markinsons disease :(
by PaidinFull July 21, 2011
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