A Noun used to define that guy that always has a few to many cans of (usually) light beer and ends up becoming a great nights bad work of art once passing out. Yes.. we've all drawn on one of these guys.

To identify this type of guy at the start of a party, look for the following:
* A raving loony that peaks far to early in the evening.
* Can usually be seen carrying a woman's handbag, while trying to carry it off as "fashion".
* When challenged or reasonably questioned about his dress sense will reply, "Everyone dresses like this in Russia". He will say this even if he is not from Russia. This is a ploy to simply have ignorant people believe that he is cultured. Do not fall for such trickery.
"Is that a Penis drawn on that guys head? What a Markerdouche!"
by Phil Fantana January 26, 2010

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