Mark is the name of a gorgeous, intelligent, playful, fit and intuitive man who loves deeply.

Mark has a real skill of seeing others for who they really are. Mark has a gift of helping those he is interacting with to
feel special and important. Mark is incredibly psychic. He has a real gift of unconciously (and sometimes conciously) reading the mind (and hearts) of others. When in relationship, Mark makes the best boyfriend. He is incredibly giving in the bedroom department, and loves to shower his lucky lady with romance in all its shapes and forms. Mark is a healer. He has the gift of touch. Mark is also the perfect combination of sensitive and alpha-male. He is gentle and "in tune" but strong and rooted in himself. Mark is extremey kinestetic and talented at all things physical. He is an athlete and not just good but great at many many sports.

One of the most incredible characteristics about Mark is his gaze. He has the most loving and intense gaze. There is too much to say about Mark that wouldn't fit in one defintion. Let us sum up Mark by simply saying Mark will make a huge mark on your heart!
Example 1. Person A- I have the best boyfriend in the world

Person B- Oh, it must be Mark!

Example 2. "Mark was over and now I feel way better about myself and my life. I feel really seen and heard!

Example 3. That guy over there is so amazing at everything he does, he must be this Mark I've heard so much about!
by Chest.time.lover April 17, 2013
usaulay one who takes advantage of women also mostly on the short side and never talks about people to there face.
wow, what a mark.
by jim cock suckiskjndhksa11 February 20, 2009
an annoying brother who never shuts the fuck up. Often eats ice cream cones with peanut butter and chocolate on it and look like he is pregnant. he's just fat. also loves playing with barbies, drinking sprit on a regular basis and annoying the hell out f anything and everyone by calling them numerous times.
my bestfriend was being a douche, i nicely screamed at him to stop be a MARK.
by markyparky December 28, 2009
An oedipal desire to spend eternity living with the woman who pushed you out of her vag. Normally ends in adolesence but has been know to last well into later in life.
-Hey you need to stop marking dude! Like give your ma's titties a rest.
-Dude, I can't cope on my own!
by LisaMDonnelly August 14, 2008
Creepy creepy little sad man that wants to get with overweight women and women that are taken. One that has no life and is WEIRD. Pervert that wears sweats to class.
"Look at that guy over there."
" Ew, he is creepy, sitting there in sweats, looking at porn in class!"
"He is sooo a Mark!"
by Such A Bitch February 02, 2010
Pompus ass baboon faced elephant boy who sucks donkey chode
yo did you see that mark

Me: yea omfg look at the fucking faggot ass bitch
by INFECTEDJUGGALO66 January 04, 2010
a chode in every aspect of the word. very short and fat, thinks he has friends but they really hate him and make fun of him. despite marks best efforts to stand up for him self he is really just a pussy, otherwise known as a chicken
Mark, there's plenty of better things to cry about than being a chicken. you could get a bad grade on a math test, you could break your arm while playing football, you could be called a chicken. wait nevermind, i shouldnt have said that
by dana hogan June 17, 2009
an egotistical, self-centered, combination of a douchebag and faggot
many of the people known mark
by anewname November 05, 2008
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