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A God among us. One of the very few baggers left on this Earth. He has blessed us with his presence. He usually appears randomly and when he does, it is pure magic. Some say that he lives here often. He is of short stature but he's always packing. As a womanizer, he leaves no prisoners. Mark usually appears on The Howard Stern Show and captivates us with his unusual voice. People will go as far to say that Mark the Bagger has fucked Based God's bitch.
Guy 1: Have you heard of Mark the Bagger?
Guy 2: Yes! The legend! He's a god.
Guy 1: I heard he fucked Lil B's bitch.
Guy 2: True!

Mark the Bagger is the last known example of a viking warrior in modern day America.
by saltyorangejuice March 07, 2014

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