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interj. - synonymous with the interjection "Niiice!" when pronounced according to the spelling noice and rhyming with "choice".

USAGE NOTES: Appearing first as an unselected potential replacement roommate for recently evicted housemate David "Puck" Rainey on MTV's Real World: San Francisco, Mark Long is most famous for his appearance on the inaugural season of The Real World's sister reality production, Road Rules. Combining boyish good looks, a sturdy frame, and several inches of spiked blond hair, Long proved to be a thrilling temptation for fellow castmate Kit Hoover. His ebullient masculinity and brotastic personality represented the first* installment of an archetype of Real World reality cast members that has continued throughout the series from Mike Johnson (London) and Mike Lambert (Miami) through to the more recent Mike Manning (DC)^ and Johnny Devenanzio (Key West). It is his optimal mix of douchebaggery and naive jocularity that drives the metalepsis referencing this (mis)pronunciation of the interjection "Nice!" via the stock character who would use such a phrase ad nauseam and subsequently to Mark Long as this character's prototype.

* While some regard Los Angeles cast member Aaron Behle as the first example of this stock character, Behle's campus life and surfing character development belied his role as a foil to LA County's oasis of liberal politics in the desert of southern California's staunchly conservative hinterlands.

^ Variation on a theme.
- Dude, I just found two brewskies behind the pizza box in the fridge!!!
- Aw, yeah! Mark Long!
by Sparky777 August 03, 2011
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