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One who is a dirtbag, with poor lack of hygeine, and shoves things up his ass. Also discribing a compulsive disorder when a female wraps her legs around your face and queefs. An animal that likes to jump on your vehicle and make you chill with him, caution he may have money so take it first before you ditch him. A product of incest which might have hermorphidite features such as a pussy where his mouth is and a cock, usually which is black, where his nose is suppose to be. Also a kid with a sister that you wanna bang.
"Dude that Mark Campea is a real fag and he smells too"
"You know when you Mark Campea me, it really turns me on"
"Yesterday Mark Campea jumped on my car, and i drove around with him on the roof until i break checked and he flew off and broke his skull. I took his wallet and proceeded on"
"Dude did you see that Mark Campea, what a fucken freak,and i think he had creamy white stuff coming out of his pussy mouth!"
"Dude i wanna fuck Mark Campea's sister"
by Adolf Hitler 4444 January 20, 2009