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A UK University College stuck in the middle of a field somewhere. Well known for its teacher training, sports training and not much else. Most tutors are pretty decent but like all, there are a few here who make it quite obvious they despise the students with every fibre of their being.
Person 1 - Where's your college then? I can't find Marjons anywhere.

Person 2 - Urmmmm, well, you go to the Plymouth then drive out of it for 6 miles or so and head for the nearest fields you can see.

Person 1 - Bet that sucks if you want to go anywhere.

Person 2 - Oh no. I love either having to use lots of fuel in my car to just do some shopping or be forced to spend £10 to get a taxi after a nightout. Paying to get to civilization is fun!
by Iamthecrazyfruit! May 13, 2009