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Marivea is a damn sexy, sultry Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She's ulta powerful and can kick any ass necessary, but due to her overwhelming skills at serenity will likely just freeze you in place with a stare so icy that you'll turn into a block of ice for a hundred years for every wrongdoing.
She's currently the youngest Tar Valon 'witch' but she's so ambitious that her name is already used as a moniker for smart, quick new Novices!
Accepted #1: Who's that bright new Novice?
Accepted #2: Oh, you mean the new Marivea?
Accepted #1: She's a Marivea?! I wish I was one...
by diggorydiue November 20, 2011
A secretly sensitive young lady, which she generally hides. A kind and generous soul, but can go to extreme lengths to prove her worth.
Everyone loves a Marivea, although they are often misunderstood when they are young.
by d'mitri January 06, 2012
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