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Mario and Rod are the single best TV broadcasting team in all of sports. Their knowledge of the game is unrivaled and they have the uncanny ability to lift the spirits of their audience when the Tigers are struggling. Mario and Rod have a vast following all over the USA especially in Comerica Park where their names and/or faces can be found on either of the following: signs, bare male chests, etc.

some common words/phrases used by both talented broadcasters:

Mario: "It's a great night for baseball good evening I'm Mario Impemba alongside Rod Allen...," "He's hitting at a .324 clip," "check it..."

Rod: "without question," "absolutely stellar," "in that regard," "bad self," "fresh fade"

and many, many more
After a long day at the office, I caught the late game with Mario and Rod on FSN Detroit.
by MD2B August 29, 2007
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