Need of
go army....................
by ARMY kicks marines ass July 02, 2004
1) Operation human shield, also known as bullet sponges, learn to duck fuckers.
2) Most useful when dead.
3)Most are retarded idiots, not exceptionally smart. (and for all u marines that dont get it, take the first letter of each word and write it down and try to read it.) HOOAH
Marine Corps Oath of Enlistment

I, state my name here, swear...uhhh...high-and-tight... *grunt* cammies,..ugh...Air force women...HOORAH! So help me Corps

The only good marine is a dead marine
by Marines suck balls April 24, 2005
a group of individuals who know nothing about the world outside of america, and are diluted motherfucking piece of shit bastards. A bunch of dimwitted morons who can barely even repeat, or comprehend, the words off a teleprompter, let alone "get things done right." The only thing they know about "right" is the fuckin wing and whatever propaganda is shoved down their throats by the feds -- be it from republican or democrat. Currently, they're all having wet dreams since the pentagon finally found an enemy they can never get rid of and simultaneously shit all over the bill of rights: "terrorists"

In short, the heart of reactionary empty minded individuals who all want to be the top dog, but none of which have the piss to even gain the respect of a dog.
Look a marine, what a worthless person
by Cripple Pat January 22, 2005
Stupid people who can't decide between joining the army or the navy, they don't know if they want to fight on the water or on the land, and they are faggots but are in the closet.
UMMM... the AMRY Sukcs, der der der, I'm a Marine
The branch of the service with the lowest asvab scores, meaning you don't have to be intelligent to join, you just have to be brave and tough (or at least "think that you are")
"I joined the marines because I think I'm a bad ass, but I'm really only fooling myself. OOOH-RAHH!"
by Tha_Dawg October 20, 2006
Where you get fucked by the green weenie.
"Are you going to Bills wedding?"
Nah I'm in the Marines.
by Gggggggyyyyyy February 19, 2015

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