A mariah is the most incredibly sexy human being ever to walk the face of the earth. She has a huge butt and beautiful brown eyes and soft skin. But if you get on her bad side she will cut you with the knives she has in her bra. She is the most kind, loyal, and sweet friend or girlfriend you will ever have. She gets easily annoyed when guys that have absolutely NO CHANCE with her try to talk to her. She will most likely ignore them or if they really annoy her, she will most likely cuss you out.
"Hey who is that fine ass girl over there?"

"Ooo, that's Mariah"
by SoccerBoy15 April 26, 2013
A very beautiful person. Everyone loves her, because she is so sexy. A gypsy.
Billy: I love Mariah, she's so nice.

Jacob: I know, everyone does.
by Phillys June 25, 2011
the best fucking bestfriend anyone could ask for , every guy wants to fuck her so get over it (:
boy; oh you know mariah ?
other boy; yeah why .
boy; i saw her in bed w/ destery last night & damn boy i was jealous .
by toria . June 24, 2009
a quirky, fun girl, with a hot bod. when you're with her you'll have the time of your life. she's outrageously funny, charmingly sarcastic, and all together one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. kinda a bitch
oh, she's such a mariah!
by escarno May 09, 2015
Mean, troublemaker only thinks of herself. She's a person that will laugh at you behind your back
Ugh there goes Mariah again I heard she got arrested for drinking and driving.
by Tori_14 June 06, 2015
The brat who betrays her friends. Although all the boys like her and she seems nice she will stab you in the back at any given moment. She also spreads rumors like a wildfire
"Oh no here comes Mariah is my hair nice"
by bam what February 28, 2015
The dirtest of the whores
Very sweet but easy to get in bed. Loves her family more then one person should and is attached to her brothers hips. Smart but doesn't go to school because she's to stupid. All and all Mariah is a good person I guess.
by Anonymous anonymous January 31, 2015
A beautiful little blonde headed girl with a big yet nice donk. Although she has her occasional blonde moments she is really smart and makes most people feel dumb. (Me included). She has a great personality and is an amazing girl. She is great at soccer, and dancing as well as just being flat out amazing. She has occasional fights with her beagle as well. She also has the most gorgeous blue eyes which will totally blow you away. Theres no one else like Mariah.
Bro, check out Mariah's donk!
by RincognitoR June 16, 2011

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