A mariah is the most incredibly sexy human being ever to walk the face of the earth. She has a huge butt and beautiful brown eyes and soft skin. But if you get on her bad side she will cut you with the knives she has in her bra. She is the most kind, loyal, and sweet friend or girlfriend you will ever have. She gets easily annoyed when guys that have absolutely NO CHANCE with her try to talk to her. She will most likely ignore them or if they really annoy her, she will most likely cuss you out.
"Hey who is that fine ass girl over there?"

"Ooo, that's Mariah"
#sexy #eyes #butt #cut #loyal
by SoccerBoy15 April 26, 2013
a drink made of hot chocolate with liqueurs like kahlua or tia maria added.
"My friend will have an irish coffee and I will have a mariah, thankyou."
#mariah #maria #chocolate #drink #coffee #liqueur #alcohol
by lookweird December 29, 2005
the best fucking bestfriend anyone could ask for , every guy wants to fuck her so get over it (:
boy; oh you know mariah ?
other boy; yeah why .
boy; i saw her in bed w/ destery last night & damn boy i was jealous .
#amazing #pretty #white #blind (: #blondeyyy .
by toria . June 24, 2009
a quirky, fun girl, with a hot bod. when you're with her you'll have the time of your life. she's outrageously funny, charmingly sarcastic, and all together one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. kinda a bitch
oh, she's such a mariah!
#mariah #name #girl #personality #funny
by escarno May 09, 2015
Mariah is the best girl you will ever meet!!! She is Hot,Pretty,Funny,has brown eyes brown hair. And when you are with her you will laugh,smile,And never want to leave the room without her! She always has good ideas for fun.
"Yo Mariah"
"Do you wanta hang later?"
"Sure Why?"
"Cause my life is pointless without your happiness and smile!"
by Crazymkitty2003 May 10, 2016
She can be a great girl with time. She acts snobby tho and thinks she's all that. She thinks she get can get all the guys. But she's cool with time. Wears inappropriate clothes also
Person 1: "Have you seen Mariah? Look at her short shorts!?!"
Person 2: " Yes! I Saw Those, They Are gross!"
by Handlers109 April 13, 2016
Mariah the worlds most selfish and bitchest Girl out there no one likes her except people like her she's very pretty but a diva and annoying usually gets away with anything especially Mariah Ruiz
Mariah Ruiz is a fucking bitch
#mariah #bitch #annoying #hoe #ugly #but #pretty
by Makabitchumis July 25, 2015
Mean, troublemaker only thinks of herself. She's a person that will laugh at you behind your back
Ugh there goes Mariah again I heard she got arrested for drinking and driving.
#mean #troublemaker #gossiper #stuck up #bad friend
by Tori_14 June 06, 2015
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