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She is now a proud sister of Sigma lambda Gamma Sorority. She is also one of my bestest friends and we've been friends for now 2 years. She's pretty awesome and I am sure she'll will be glad to be in a dictionary... well, its the urban dictionary... but whatever...hehe. She also carries a bottle of Tapatio in her purse...
"Oh yeah i 'believe' i am handsome"-Joel Garcia

"I totally raped your wall!" ~Joel Garcia~

"Oye maria DLAAG, y El pozole cuando se come?"=Joel
~Los sabados~=Me
"y el menudo"?
~los domingos~
"y los tamales"?
~En Navidad~
"El mole?"
~en una fiesta ~
"y el pavo?"
~en thanksgiving~
"Gosh maria, stop stereotyping food!!"=Joel

"Chile???"=Joel y Lizeth cuando se burlan de mi

" Are you Mexican? How is that going"? Me!
It was hilarious when I said it...

"im actually running for Sexretary ^_^" Maria Aguirre, who seems to be very happy about the 'position'!!

"JOEL im hungry!!!! ^_^" La Maria Aguirre

"Status:Maria is waiting till school starts so she can get her torn but still great DISNEY postcard from JOEL!!!!" thats funny!

"Tu que te vas a poner manana Maria? - Lizeth Asked
"pues nada"... Ay! maria..
by Alonso April 04, 2007
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