A Polish male name.
My name is Marek.
by Marek a.k.a. "G" January 18, 2004
Top Definition
Czech, Slovak and Polish masculin given name. Derived from latin (Marcus).

English = Mark
Italian = Marco
French = Marc
Hello, my name is Marek, I'm from Czech Republic.
#markus #marco #marc #marek #mark
by personic January 21, 2011
The kindest boy you'll ever meet. He's a sweet, thoughtful introvert who could be there for anyone if need be. Marek is a tall, tan track runner and has the ladies chasing after him. Marek often has amazing skill at mathematics, and you could just tell that he's going to go far someday.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there, who's he?
Girl 2: That's Marek, isn't he amazing?
#intelligent #athletic #shy #mark #merrick
by chicagoskyline January 03, 2013
to work with extreme passion and intensity. focusing on your individual and collective goals, always pushing hard with a desire to excel.

Embarking on a goal and staying with it and encouraging others to stay on focus until you have achieved desired impact.
Janele is always marek about her work.
#intense #passion #goals #focus #achievement #impact
by luissa December 10, 2007
To Marek, is to down/ chug/ skull a drink in one attempt. Used in place of "cheers" when drinking with other people. The raising of glasses is accompanied with eye contact, followed by tapping the glass on the table before drinking.
Mitch: Oi, is everyone ready?
Jimmy: Yep
Corey: Yeah
Mitch: Ok, Marek! (Raise glasses, eye contact, tap glasses on table, drink)
Jimmy: Corey you didn't Marek!
Corey: It's too cold!
#chug #skull #down #drink #shot
by Raptor Features March 11, 2009
a sexy red head who is also known as fir croch. SUPPPAAAA atractive and a great kisser and talker.
flirts well ;)
Jamie: marek... *sigh*
#phoebe #maddie #chaserrrr #sexy #schmexy
by ilovemv3456 January 31, 2009
A very common Polish girl's name.
Dad: Who are you texting?
Daughter: Oh, my friend Marek. She's asking me about homework.
Dad: Oh, ok! :)
#guy #girl #green jacket #blonde #brianna
by Bromance357 March 22, 2011
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