A broke ass looser who only lives to smoke weed and eat pussy, use women and has absoutely no class whatsoever.
Lives with women to have a cheap place to live and cheats on her and asks the other women to lie for him.
by LeeLee204 February 19, 2010
a black person
that guy stole my shit what a marcus
by 66776677 May 11, 2009
that hairy guy off big brother who looks like wolverine and says fuck alot
person 1: OMG did you see big brother last night? Marcus and Siavash were oil wrestling!! :D
person 2: WHAT?! I MISSED MARCUS COVERED IN OIL?! D: i think i'll go kill myself now.
by rubbaboots returns August 24, 2009
A form of Douche Bag, that is scented with the smell of fruity gum and blobs of shit.
I washed my vagina with a Marcus today and now it smells great!
by DoucherMan May 07, 2009
a fucking man-whore who tries to date as many girls as he can and look at every girls boobs. no one likes a marcus.
"ew i fucking hate you your such a marcus.
stop staring at mah boobies"
by these epic aa mothah fuckahs April 06, 2009
An idiot, some one who ruins the lives of innocent people.
You are such a marcus
by Lauren4556 November 26, 2007
A pest who does not know when enough is enough and becomes irritating beyond belief. One who doesn not repect someones space.
Marcus stealing your blackberry and pushing you around.
by Black Betty O-Town Style January 04, 2009

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