Stool sample, fecal matter, turd, shit, poo.
"Do NOT go up there, I just took a massive Marcis"
by Snorkwobble February 11, 2010
Top Definition
Stunning. Brilliantly gorgeous. Big beautiful eyes that will shake your soul. Her personality is easy to fall deeply in love with. Very creative.Smart and sweet but loses faith easily. Bad about getting hopes up. Let's everyone walk all over her and asks for nothing in return. Does everything for others benefits. On the down side, is a very jealous person and gets anger-ed easily, but is not easily forgotten.
I wish a had a Marci.
by marci's lover December 31, 2009
Name normally reserved for Angels that walk on earth, they have eyes that turn mortal men to pudding. Capable of kissing for hours on end and might actually be able to breathe throught their ears. When she smiles its like a sun rising and raises the tempature and some believe are actually the cause of global warming.
Cleopatra was actually a Marci, and Egypt was once the south pole.
by marcilover February 03, 2010
Name of a girl who is the bomb!
by marcilove March 11, 2009
brillianly gorgeous. eyes that shake your soul. often resides in north carolina but occasionally migrates to the chicago land area and doesn't tell anyone. likes stabbing ink into people. makes things look pretty.
That Marci just pimp slapped a tat on me.
by Climacticus1 January 20, 2009
The process of changing from heterosexual to bisexual or lesbian.
She had a boyfriend, but then she experienced severe Marci and got a girlfriend instead.
by crazyhctib December 12, 2010
A slang word used instead of "human pet"
stop letting everyone boss u around u stupid marci!
by daredevil92 January 06, 2008

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