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The wet spot in the bed after a heavy dose of knocking boots. Usually resembles the outline of some geographical entity.
When I got through plowing Betty, I made her sleep in the map of Africa.
by Jay Don December 04, 2003
A game played by standing in a line with your mates and pissing yourself. Whoever has the piss stain that looks closest to the continent of Africa wins!
They just got done with a round of Map of Africa. I just Map of Africa'd on myself.
by krugball May 12, 2016
A term used to describe marks left on the inside of a toilet bowl after a rather large stool has been squeezed out. It differs from 'normal' skid marks as it leaves somewhat of a pattern, rather than just an up-and-down streak, and may sometimes resemble a map of Africa, or any other map for that matter.
Jane: ''Harry, take a look at what someone has left in the toilet.''

Harry: ''Good grief, I've never seen anything like that before.''

Jane: ''It's the biggest map of Africa I've ever seen.''
by Clay Pigeon_2010 March 11, 2010
A slang term to describe the visual appearance of a persons undergarments after they have soiled themsleves.
Whats that smell?

I've just drawn a map of Africa in my pants.

Dirty bastard.
by shakes spears May 31, 2009
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