to be bored, have nothing to do or to feel sad and depressed
"theres nothing to do i feel so maow!"
by smokey joe February 29, 2004
Used to indicate an exceptionally sexy lady
Maow (all that need be said)
by Nathan C March 27, 2003
verb. 1. To do something incrediby badass

ajd. 2. can be used to describe something badass

3. Depending on your level of redneckism could be the basis of "Gator Talk:
1. Jason- HOLY SHIT he just jumped off the balcony into the pool!!
Brandon - MAOW!!

2. Thats a maow ass truck.

3. How na bow now maow
by macskims13 July 02, 2008
another way to spell meow.
cat goes maow
by Asian/Irish Kid December 11, 2008

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