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A type of glitch on the PS3 game Metal Gear Online, in which the glitcher can go invisible to other players for a few seconds but still go around shooting and killing them.

Also often used an excuse for getting owned, especially by Merkent.

Could easily be fixed by Konami, but they get more money every time they ban a glitcher who has to buy a new GAME ID with expansion packs.
AvengeR: Haha I pwn you NOOB, Red8> you!
Xx_$olid_Sn@ke_Xx: OMG U MAO LAG NOOB PFF
AvengeR - Kick This Player?
<<You have been kicked.>>
AvengeR: Dammit what a Merkent!
by MERKENTS1/2BROTHER April 28, 2010
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