technical term for Denver because there are so many dudes that live there
Denver?...more like Manver
by KStruck January 10, 2009
Top Definition
using a strap on a man who you deem beautiful inside and out and respect too much to think of in a sexual light, but surprisingly being too turned on by the thought of it to turn down the opportunity when asked to do it by said man. name inspired by manvers, a small part of rotherham in south yorkshire where residents are sex-crazed.
“i love him so much, i'd never even thought about him in that way — but man, he asked me to manver him and i never knew something could turn me on so much, the way he shouted my name when he came was just too much to handle.” — example of manvers used in conversation.
by pinklacecorset November 29, 2014
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