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Merry Christmas December 21, 2009!
He is the the sexiest man whom you'll ever meet. Very talented, loving, trustworthy, and caring. A man whom any woman could easily fall in love with, but only belongs to one named Angelica Esmeralda Ochoa. He is loved by everyone who meets him. A humble man whom submits himself to the Lord. Someone everyone should strive to be like.
1. I am in love with Manuel "Manolo" Banda.
2. Manuel "Manolo" Banda is the sexiest man alive.
3. I will never ever EVER love anyone as much as I love Manuel "Manolo" Banda.
4. Manuel "Manolo" Banda is a future Architect.
5. I love you Gordito, Manuel "Manolo" Obed Banda
by Sexy Angie December 21, 2009
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