Noun, describing all things Man. Being Man is religion, it is a lifestyle, it is MAN! Being Man, you follow not quite strict guidelines of "Mantivities".
That website gives many Mantivities and what they rate on the Manscale. When your man, life is the Game. Everything is part of the game.
Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris is Man and Tank)
by LiamDisCool December 07, 2008
Top Definition
Any event that three or more men partake in that involves heavy drinking, hunting, fishing, exerting large amounts of testosterone, and or hitting on women.
"Sorry baby, Clayton, Paul and I have a day full of mantivities, I don't have time to go to Bed Bath and Beyond."
by Bradford1868 April 27, 2010
Mantivity (n)(v) man-tiv-uh-tee The sense of brotherhood that brings men together for a night of debauchery and celebration originally created and celebrated by the M.A.N. or the Man Association of Niagara.
That mantivity got pretty wild last night.
by jonathantaylorthomas February 07, 2010
The act of performing any such activities deemed "manly" such as watching sports while drinking beer and eating chips.
It's the weekend - I've worked all week so let's get the guys together for some mantivities.
by The Don Chuckyyy August 07, 2011
A level of unsurpassed heterosexual being and status acquired by not being in any way or form a gay. Or having a strong grasp on your manhood not looking queer.
David Hasselhoff desperately needs to find his mantivity because his music is gay. Or the television show queer eye for the straight guy's mantivity level is at a whopping -54.
by SGT Sanchez January 31, 2006
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