1. NARC not nark
2. A jewish fairy princess who looks like Brad Pitt in Fight Club without the muscle- chicken
3. A person who wished he was as cool as Vincent Vega
4. A person who licks radishes under the blossoming moon of a full day in Novem-October with no clothes on except a badly made toga at the annual sausage fest for closet gays
5. A person who loves person's named Ayden
6. Often has a alter ego spy nickname of Jeb
J.J. Coreyblewstonecraftsmuggler: Whoa! That guys a narc!
J.J. Coreyblewstonecrafttrickster: No, he's a Manseau.

Person: Look! It's Jeb!
Manseau: Shut up!!!! I'm a SPY!
Person NumberTwo: No, your a narc.
Manseau: No! I'm....A MANSEAU
Person NumberThree: Nope, your a narc.
by Blakheart Muffintop Sickypants March 19, 2010

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