A group of 3 guys or more beat on 1 guy that noone likes. No weapons are involved and he usually ends up in the hospital.
Guy1: Hey I heard that one prick Justin is going to the party tonight.
Guy2: Man I hate him, I'm gonna know alot of people at the party. Lets give him a good Manning
by noahm1 March 22, 2009
Top Definition
Quite possible the sweetest name on Earth. Signifies athletic ability especially in areas such as football.
Oh look at that Manning over yonder, they are totally dominating the game.
by Carrie Anderson May 08, 2006
6'4 230 pound quarter back with a laser rocket arm
"They're not saying booooo, they're saying mooooovers" -Peyton Manning
by jwelsh February 05, 2007
a saying used to explain why you don't want to do something.
1. Derron - Can you bust this trade? Anthony - Manning, sorry bro.
2. Wife - Can we turn it to Grey's Anatomy? Husband - Nope, Manning.
by Foma December 13, 2006
n. A story that has no point to it; a story that builds in excitement and then has no climax; a story that ends in an awkward silence
My friend's story about detention ended up being such a Manning.
"Hey guys one time I was at camp and.... (five to ten minutes of ramble)..... then she said that I was totally fine." {awkward silence}
I told such a Manning the other day when I forgot the ending to my story.
by COLONEL CHRIS July 19, 2010
To create crazy stories in in your head you swear are true; to be insubordinate; having a bad attitude.
Stop being a Manning; shortbread cookies are not healthy for you because they have milk in them.
by Ecoli W March 30, 2010
The awkward friend in a group. Most likely will say something so stupid you will not know what to do.
Manning: "What is this cat and mouse shit?!"
Everyone else" "... and he is cut off"
by zmez August 07, 2011

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