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When men get together at an unnamed christian university, remove a majority of their clothing and eat pbj on hawaiian bread so as to be comfortable enough to talk about anything on their mind.
Hey Ethan! Come on over, it's manmeal night. Don't forget your man-thong.
by Wilhem November 13, 2010
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oh man! that guy really filled me with some man meal!
I really pumped her full of man meal!
by snow_nuts11 September 24, 2014
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(noun) a very large feast cooked and eaten in large portions by men; often times at irregular times during the day.
"Hey do you want to go get some dinner?"
"No thanks, I had a man meal at about 3 today, I'm not gonna be hungry for like a couple days."
by El Sucio February 15, 2010
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A type of man that is "yummy" to look at.
that guy right there is a man meal;mmmm
by Kasey V January 05, 2008
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