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A man who is comforable in his own skin, but doesn't use skin care products. Someone who drives a vehicle with "muscle" But knows where to draw the line. i.e.- you won't need a ladder to get in. A man who loves women, but not all at the same time. *see playa. Protective but not overly aggresive. Prefers big dogs over cats. Masculine sans machismo. Hetero sexual, period. Soap? Irish Spring, of course.
Brad Pitt is not a manly man but George Clooney and Paul Newman are.

by VegasVillain January 24, 2006
A male human of exceptional strength, fortitude, brilliance, and overall awesomeness.
Person A: Kevin Liao just passed me in the hallway!
Person B: What an honor!
Person A: ikr, he is such a Manly Man!
by yunyunfeifei May 24, 2011
A man who can make a decision without resorting to an internet poll to help him decide.
I thought he was a Manly Man, but he posted a forum poll to help him decide on a new wallet.
by Bosston March 07, 2013
A man who is so manly, hes a manly man, Us manly men rule the world with our manly men powers.
Person:Hey Dude your so such a manly man.

Me: Yes, i know im so manly man.
by Manly Man January 10, 2005