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The most interesting man in the world. The most intelligent man in the world. The most beautiful man in the world. The most outgoing man in the world. The biggest P.I.M.P. in the world. The strongest man in the world.

He is the Alpha and the Omega Male. If you so happen to find one of these incredibily rare specimans you will instantly be blinded by the magnificancy and pure gorgeousness, radiating from its body.

Lastly, you obvously must have located this person in order to be searching for it, unless you have read the bible and noticed the part where the Manlapeg blessed Jesus.

That is all.
Manlapegs can lead a horse to water and make it drink.

Manlapegs turn off the sun at night

Manlapegs dont need baths, dirt dont dare go near them

Whens Mr. T says don't give me no back talk, a Manlapeg kills him
by The Divinity of Reason September 15, 2010

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