adjective: exotically beautiful
Salma is Manji.
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
Top Definition
Technique used in drifting with cars. This is a slow swaying faint like drift where the rear end sways back and forth down a strait.
Dude, look at Chris manji in his Skyline.
by Jiggawhoa May 11, 2004
The Crux Gammata. This symbol is also known as the swastika, a name derived from the Sanskrit svastika. As a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, the swastika was widely used in the ancient world. The swastika, known as the Manji in Japanese which moves in a counterclockwise direction stands for Night and Magical practices and is generally considered a solar symbol. It was this version that was perverted by the Nazis and used as their symbol.
I am so getting a manji tattooed on my back!
by Calintz June 12, 2003
An example of the Crux Gammata. Is a lunar symbol and is affiliated wth bhuddism and magic, mystery. Often genaric for the sauvastika the reverse of the swastika(the emblem the nazi's perverted). Used as a sacred symbol in most non-western cultures. The word is japanese in orgin.
The manji marks out temples on this Japanese map.
by Tengu Crooked nose November 01, 2003
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