one of the five burroughs of new york city. an island bound by the east and hudson rivers, manhattan contains most of the landmarks and sights that make new york city famous. it is comprised of many neighborhoods such as harlem, soho, the east village, wall street, that have unique personalities and attributes.
often, it is unfairly classified as being dirty and crime-ridden when it is actually one of the cleanest, safest (not including terrorism) cities in the world.
"manhattan has always been and will always be the center of the world"
by ohseven December 30, 2003
Easily the most overpriced, and overpopulated place on the planet. Wanna see what its like to squeeze 1.6 million people into a 22 square mile radius? Then come to Manhattan, only $794612374510451230 to rent a small studio a month.

Most of Central and lower Manhattan consist of expensive, bland, soulless yuppie infested hellholes like the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Yorkville, Batterty Park City, Chelsea, Alphabet City, and more.

Upper Manhattan consist of ghetto hellholes like Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. You would think considering how expensive it is to live here that the place wouldn't be filled with criminals, but unfortunately NYC has the most ghetto trash out of any city in America.
I just won the lottery, now I just need to win 87 more times to have enough to pay the rent for my closet sized studio in Manhattan.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
The act of a man (or a properly equipped woman) inserting his penis/her pseudo-penis into a womans anus (the two hole), then into her vagina (the one hole) and finaly back to the anus (two again) in quick succession, or 2-1-2, a Manhattan area code.
Bob: Soooo, what happened with Jenny last night?
Frank: I gave her a Manhattan
Bob: Oooh, so can she hold her liquor?
Frank: I wouldn't know, she's been in AA for 3 years
by bromosapien May 09, 2006
Home of the Kansas State Wildcats!
Manhattan, Kansas is located roughly 40 miles from Topeka. It is the home to Kansas State University.
by go k-state December 09, 2004
Formerly interesting and vibrant borough of New York City, currently a place about as colorful as the metal and concrete with which it was built. A place to be avoided by anyone harboring the illusion that going there will bring them in contact with something edgy, real, or intellectually adventurous. Such individuals are being led on by the myth and the legend of New York which the city earned for itself in the twentieth century, and with which the city continues to prop itself up. Admittedly, Manhattan remains an admirable example of condensed urban planning and 24-hour culture, but go and see for yourself if that's worth it. Never the ideal city for B type personalities, it was once a crucial focal point of world culture and art. Ironically, the exhorbitant cost of living is cited nowadays as a reason for Manhattan's greatness; yet as late as the early 1980s it was still possible for an artist or musician to live downtown in Manhattan, work at a job just a couple days a week, and afford to live. That's ancient history. All you need to know about the place today is in the inane "Sex in the City"; if you've seen that show, you aren't missing anything.
"How do you like living in Manhattan?"
"I like it alot! Oh, don't worry about that hole in my chest, it just used to be my soul."
by happy yuppie April 26, 2006

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