one of the five burroughs of new york city. an island bound by the east and hudson rivers, manhattan contains most of the landmarks and sights that make new york city famous. it is comprised of many neighborhoods such as harlem, soho, the east village, wall street, that have unique personalities and attributes.
often, it is unfairly classified as being dirty and crime-ridden when it is actually one of the cleanest, safest (not including terrorism) cities in the world.
"manhattan has always been and will always be the center of the world"
by ohseven December 30, 2003
Manhattan, my friends, is not New York City.
However, Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City, (the others being Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.)
Many tourists and foreigners refer to only Manhattan as New York City, and at the the same time have never even heard of Staten Island.
Although Manhattan is well known to outsiders, the island that looks like a penis is not all New York City has to offer.
by Cripple in da 651 May 31, 2008
the best place in the world, the center of the world, the coolest place to grow up in the world. the coolest place to be, despite the price. home of soho, union square and tribeca, some of the coolest places ever!
i wish i was in manhattan right now, my friend lives there and she is way cooler than anyone else i know.
by nyc at heart February 28, 2009
In Manhattan, the only ones left are the super rich and the fucking nobodies.
Don't sweat it, Jake. It's Manhattan.
by Hudson Duster May 09, 2011
A mysterious area in New York where one will not know if they have entered it or not.
Are we in Manhattan yet?
by FrancTorres February 08, 2015
the best city in the world! once you've been there, you will always go back!
the city where sex and the city is filmed
"i love everything about manhattan"
by emily June 02, 2005
Manhattan is most sweetest, prettiest person on earth. She sometimes lures men in to her heart and has a big ass. She's sexy and has the prettiest hair, and the best sense of humor
"I wish I had some Manhattan."
"Damn, Someday I'd wanna be manhattan."
by Hunnyboocgukd November 23, 2013
To be legit. When something works out really well or is awesome. Used in suburban D.C. slang.

To shorten the word, 'Hattan' is a substitute. 'Hattan' is used more commonly throughout the suburbs
First Person: "Yo, dude. My parents said I could go with you tomorrow."
Second Person: "Manhattan! It's gonna be so tight man."
Second Person: "Hattan, dude! It's gonna be so tight!"
by Peaceful Patrick December 01, 2009

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