a wall of Guys at a Club, found around the side of the dance floor. most commily found at a club that guys out number girls. also known as a "Meat Fest"
That club was so lame, the Mangrove raped around the dance floor.
#mangrove #man #grove #meat fest #meat #fest
by kris-Co September 02, 2011
Top Definition
The pinnacle of all insults. Used to describe someone who is beyond the level of being a cunt.
Justin Bieber is a fucking mangrove.
#cunt #dickhead #wanker #fuckwit #good bloke
by NeverAMangrove October 08, 2014
1. Beard
2. Facial Hair
3. A man's pubic hair
Dude, it's time to trim that mangrove. You can't even see your face anymore!
"Time to manscape your mangrove," said the girl to her boyfriend.
#beard #manscape #trim #hair #hairy #pubic hair
by Pizzourya March 17, 2015
1) A woody tree or shrub that grows in tidal estuaries, characterized by its indiscriminate rooting system

2) A guy who has both a high libido and fairly low standards when it comes to women, particularly when drunk. Typically, a man who has a lot of sex, but doesn't really differentiate who with.
i.e, Also an indiscriminate rooting system.

Pass Mike another beer, we need a mangrove to fall on that grenade dancing with those hotties.
#manwhore #man slut #male slut #urban sausage #man bitch
by Spectre_nz March 16, 2006
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