1.The comparison between a Mandy and Penelope Cruz.


2.A small stringed instrument
1." mandy what are you watching there?"
" captain corelli's mandolin"
" you remind me of penelope cruz"
eva- " mandolin? hmm"

2. i enjoy playing my mandolin
by mandy November 23, 2003
Top Definition
A mandolin is an instrument that sounds really good when played with a banjo. Originally from celtic decent. It has 8 strings and is only a little bit bigger then a violin.
That guy can totally shred the mandolin. Look at that lightening fast picking!
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 26, 2005
Mandolin is a sweet, funny, and beautiful girl. She's very shy but when you get to know her she's an amazing person. She sticks up for her best friends and if she loves you enough I'm sure she'd even die for you. Mandolin is one of the sweetest people you'll come to know. If your lucky enough to meet Mandolin then your sure to have a great friend. :D
Girl 1. "That girl is so sweet!!"
Girl 2. "Duh, her name is Mandolin."
by Terry :D August 07, 2011
A gay ass instrument that is also known as a Piss-fiddle. The instrument of choice for niggers and dumbshits.

Also, a slang term for being totally stupid, or incomprehensibly retarded.
Look at that assmonkey play that mandolin. What a homosexual.

Dude, Taylor was a fucking mandolin last night.
by Captain Mandolin June 16, 2011
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