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A male possessing qualities found inherent in both a man and a bro. He knows how to rage and hangout with bros like a fratstar, but also knows how to step up to a challenge, handle his responsibilities, and follows his man-code. The prime catch for girls in their early 20's or college.
Example 1:
Girl A- I was partying last night at this frat and I blacked out while hanging with this frat bro. The next morning I found out he tucked me in, gave me water, and smoked a joint until I awoke to see if I was alright.

Girl B- Wow, what a manbro!

Example 2:

Girl A- Why are you so happy today?
Girl B- This really cute guy held the door open for me and helped carry my stuff up while he was drinking a six-pack.
Girl A- Sounds like a manbro to me.
by KingDean December 11, 2011
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