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Suffering from an extreme sexual addiction, this man is no ordinary guy. Appears to be normal good looking fella but BEWARE ladies! This isn't your ordinary man. He's a sex crazed maniac. One to steer clear of. Has stalker tendencies, high strung and very aggressive. Use caution when approached by this weenie. He will stick his penis in ANYTHING just to get off. Often lures his victims from social networks and dating sites often because he can't stay sober long enough to meet anyone while he's out and about. He's a heavy breather when talking on the phone, and often drifts off into sexual space in the midst of any conversation. A twisted individual who is in desperate need of an INTERVENTION!
Hey Keisha isn't that your old Boo the "Manacite?" "Oh God tell me he isn't here!" " Excuse me waiter...CHECK PLEASE!
by culo5150culo June 29, 2011
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