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When one man finishes being the "catcher" in an act of anal sex and goes directly to the toilet to flush away his butt-babies.
Before Danny takes his turn humping Robby, he must first get rid of that, "Oh so full feeling". Danny takes a seat on the toilet and gives himself a man-bortion. Pooping out Robby's love nectar.
by Dr. DonkeySock March 11, 2006
The act of going for a huge manly shit after a rather heavy night out, usually comprising Beer, Spirits and Takeaway food (most likely containing Chilli or spice of some kind). The closest a male can get to the feeling of having something living forcibly torn out of them. Coined by a group of lads from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK.
Lad, i think i need to go for a Manbortion!

Dude i just went for one hell of a Manbortion!

Ah fuck it smells like someone's just had a Manbortion in there! Manbort! MANBORT!
by Captain Jesus Pasty August 17, 2010
The loss of manly things from ones life when a female becomes involved with ones life
I got a Manbortion after my girlfriend moved in with me.
by THEDarkKITTEN October 26, 2009
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