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pride specifically having to do with being a man. This frequently results in the exaggeration of a activities relating to being strong, sexually active, or otherwise "manly"
Man1: Jim told me he had sex with 8 girls last night!
Man2: That's just his man pride talking.
by Jane West October 15, 2006
The thing you can't quite define that makes you feel proud to be a man. The thing that makes you feel like a massively amazing, completely cool and funny and totally attractive amazing thing that is better than every other thing. The heart and soul of a man that all women instinctively want to steal in order to go into business. The divine light, the awesome power of war and cars and skydiving and having sex with lots of women while rocking at Halo all condensed into a single feeling. Manpride.
"I don't like you and no woman ever will!" Woman

"Girl, that's not what yo momma said last night. Shit, don't be trying to steal my manpride!" Man
by TheOtherOtherDude October 09, 2010
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