A manbeast is often mistaken for a caveman, there are many types of manbeasts, the camilla type, the ginger type, or the common manbeast, they can be found anywhere, usually where there is a lot of food. Their partners consist of rejects, if anyone, otherwise they just pleasure themselves.
The person in Stockholm is a right manbeast.
There is a ginger manbeast attending soham village college.
by Sam1 g 000001 July 27, 2006
A hot sexy gay black man that growls when you go down on him.
I bagged a manbeast last night...maybe I'll call him today.
by RyGuy860 July 09, 2006
A hot, hairy man who gets your juices flowing.
My boyfriend Michael is the sexiest manbeast I know.
by d1r9p8j1 October 11, 2006
The word "manbeast" originates from the words man and beast.
A manbeast is usually used to describe an ugly woman, who doesn't wash smells funny, and cna be Portugese when used in the School Yard.
"Calm down dear, it's only a raging man best" or "Lena is a manbeast!!! =o"
by Hello dear, it's me!!! June 10, 2006
a woman who looks, sounds AND acts like a man and is mostly mistaken for one
rio hadland:i am not a man beast!
me:yeh you are you look like a man you act like one and i swear your voice is breaking *shouts to year 8s* oi aint she a manbeast!
year8s:yeah wouldnt like to be seen with her!
rio hadland:fucking pricks im gonna fuck you up bad and then ill use my balls of steel to knock you out!!!!
me:see i told you

by eddywierdbeard October 15, 2005
a woman who not only looks like a man, but acts like one too. these people usually have short cropped hair and turn out to be lesbians.
shes a manbeast
by lissy June 12, 2004
A small but ugly female that prowls on young males only at night time to hide hidieousness!
Man if ur walking watch out for the man beast
Dude the man beast likes you
by Nigel Jermey August 06, 2006
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