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Swagger that true, real men carry upon themselves. A swaggerly presence that can be felt by anyone in a 5 mile radius. This is a swagger that Blake and Tim can fully pull off. The true definition of Man Swagger is Blake and Tim. Blake and Tim take swagger to a whole new level. Their swagger is so swaggy, that they can make up their own swag words, and make everything they do swagtastic.
I saw Blake and Tim walking down the road the other day, and they started to glow with swaggerly goodness. I hung out with Blake and Tim today. Just being around them, added to my life a little man swagger. I wish I were Blake and Tim, cause if I was, then I wouldn't have to question if I had swagger or not, I would know that no one else had swagger that compared to me. I wish Blake and Tim would teach me how to use man swagger.
by Blake and Tim July 25, 2011
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