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Man Pointz is the term for receiving pointz for completing tasks that are definitively manly.

Man Pointz values vary based on the complexity, impressiveness, riskiness, boldness or ridiculousness of the task. Eating a 3 lb hamburger will award less pointz than climbing Mt. Everest. It is possible to receive negative Man Pointz from friends for distinctly unmanly tasks (e.g., make out with a 300 lb woman, drink a Cosmopolitan)
- "Dude, you get 5 Man Pointz for getting the number of both of those girls at the same time"
- "You deserve at least 10 Man Pointz for killing half a bottle of tequila last night"
- "You lost serious Man Pointz for hooking up with your best friend's girlfriend last night when you were drunk".
by The First BSD April 21, 2010
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