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Man Egg L was one of the most br00tal tr0llz on Yahoo Answers. Man Egg L usually attacked Rock and Pop and left his mark there. He also was able to create a massive group of followers called Da Man Egg L Clan to spread the tr0lling. Man Egg L was able to constantly tr0ll for 4 months without being banned. However on April 21st his account was deleted. This instantly destroyed the Man Egg L Clan for the first and original Man Egg account had been destroyed. Man Egg L was able to change the way of tr0lling in just four months. Some people speak of the second coming of Man Egg L. They say he will rise and wreak havoc on Yahoo Answers once again.

L0ng l1v3 d@ m@n 3gg l cl@n
Bob: Do you know who that Man Egg L guy his

Jack: He was the most br00tal tr0ll on Y!A

Bob: No way?

Jack: Rumors say he will rise and take back what is his.
by Man Egg L April 28, 2009
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