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The Man Bear Pig is a series of shots consisting of an Irish Car Bomb, Jager Bomb and a Boiler Maker taken in sequence. Widely regarded as the most intense shot in the history of alcohol consumption, the MBP is not for the faint of heart. Only those with a sufficient base of mustiness should challenge the elusive MBP. There has only been one recorded engagement and though the MBP was defeated, it was not conquered.
The Handsy Man and the Fertile Esquire successfully fought off a Man Bear Pig Shot last night, not realizing that they were critically injured they carried on. The next day Man Bear Pig showed its teeth when the Fertile Esquire woke up under the dining room table and the Handsy Man had dicks drawn on his face. Blackout - Get There!
by snackdizzle April 17, 2009
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