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Matthew Ambriz also known as mambriz is known quite well for the being the "hot shit hipster" on the westside. Always dressed in filthy apparel, Matthew frequents acid washed jeans, trendy thrift store shirts, a pair of fake ray bans and occasionally a hat. Beside his hipster attire is his super cool fixed gear bike, half stolen parts and half salvaged from previous "fixies". Although many might think mambriz a slob or a sleaze, Mathew's cocky attitude some how manages to get him his dick sucked after a bike ride or two or maybe while chillin at a cool high school party. Even if you haven't encountered the almighty mambriz, you will probably see him around whether you're listening to smoke weed rap, taking a stroll on your cool bike or getting krunk at a local jardy.
cool kid 1: "who's that cool hipster in the neon shorts vintage nike shirt?"
cool kid 2: "hah, thats mambriz dumbass."

bike kid 1: "that bike is fuckin' tight."
bike kid 2: "yeeee, mambriz tight"
by hipsterfan May 03, 2009
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