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Martin's (Martin Lawrence's TV series, Martin) shrill, extremely frenetic, and easily excited mother (Edna Payne), who was overprotective of Martin and disliked Gina immensely. Ironically, Lawrence's mustache was never covered with stage make-up while in this role, which Gina usually pointed out when Martin and her talked about his mother.

When Mama Payne's bird died, Mama Payne lost it.

At Gina and Martin's wedding (on Youtube), Mama Payne makes an appearance and goes nuts when she thinks "Applehead" (a.k.a. Gina) has stolen her boy, Martin.

"Mama's feet stay planted. Never know when I got to go two to the body and over to the hip," shrieked Mama Payne.

Like Martin, Mama Payne's catchphrase is "DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!"

Mama Payne is a character Martin Lawrence should bring back and make a show about

by Moapsy July 12, 2008
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