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A woman who is built and stacked, has curves in all the right places, has perfect body measurements in every dimension, a perfect figure, extremly beautiful, sassy, classy, foxy, and heavenly.
Basically, a perfect woman.
Refer to the song "She's A Bad Mama Jama".
Did you see that girl? She's a bad Mama Jama!
by Smm0530 April 19, 2006
similar to, but not to be confused with, a brick house. a woman who ain't afraid to use all she's got - and she's got a lot. closest synonym: around the way girl.
J.Lo is hot, but Beyonce is one bad mamajama.
by Pseudonym March 07, 2004
Motherfucker (positive use): ie, One who jams your mama. Used because it was illegal to record profanity or play profanity on the radio. Similar equivalents include: geez = Jesus; dang = damn; frick = fuck.
Look at that bad mamajama.
by jerkface1928374 April 04, 2012
Another word for mother-fucker
Hillary Clinton is one bad mamajama so vote Walken 08. He's one cool mamajama.
by jple88 August 26, 2005
a mean hard ass that does their job a.k.a someone who that tears it up in whatever they do
Kyle is a mean mamajama
by lil will September 15, 2003
a large black woman that doesn't take shit from anyone and likes to fight.
"That big bad mama jama took on 6 cops before they finally got the handcuffs on her."
by jokingkong November 01, 2009
when a drunk as girl comes back from a frat party in her halloween costume to her boyfriends dorm room. They have sex and she passes out in bed next to him. She ends up peeing in the bed on him. He gives her clothes to change into and they go back to sleep in the pee filled bed
She mamajamaed his ass
by Kate and Rebecca November 02, 2007
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