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A term used by africans that have left africa to show love to here they come from
Jati:My family and I are leaving for Mama Africa in a few weeks so i won't be here

Teacher:Alright you have fun
by Nappyboy317 July 21, 2007
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A woman of African origin who is obese and adorned in tacky jewelry.

Normally, the woman in question has the following proportions:

* Average sized head
* Average sized shoulders
* Small waist
* Ass that is larger in width, depth and height than any other section of the body (the most discernible feature of a 'Mama Africa')

Seashells, braids, coloured threads and wood jewelery are all a plus.
*In a loud night club*

Moe: *staring into the crowd for 5 minutes*

Joe: Dude, what's up?

Moe: .....

Joe: *Looks in the same direction of Moe*

Holy shit! Mama Africa in da houuse!

That ass would do nasty things to me...hmm..... *approach*
by Markupvalid August 18, 2009

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