Someone who is book smart, but still a dumbass.
Only a Mallorie could get an A+ on a math test and still walk into a door.
by Satan's Best Bud. August 26, 2007
Top Definition
A beautiful girl with nice eyes. Usually everyone loves a mallorie
Look at mallorie!
by Kisses17 January 08, 2009
She has the biggest green-ish blue-ish moss coloured eyes you have ever seen in your whole life. She just has this smile that you can't help but smile back. Although dumb, and I mean VERY dumb, you can't help but love her. She's got the brains, but doesn't have the common sense.
Tim: Nice day, Huh?
Jon: yeah I must say it's very Mallorie out today.
Tim: It's sunny and bright, but it also just walked into a stop sign.
by older little brother April 06, 2010
A beautiful Hippie chick, one often strong willed and capable, with a heart of determination, care for others and the propensity of true love. generally thinking of others first and the admiration of truth mixed with the fervor of life treasures, a socialite with Great abilities that don't go to waste and used for the upbringing of others and self. A Vivacious person that works best in carefree spirited nature environments.
y0 man-dude! check out that zookeeper thats feeding the Lions and Lioness, she such a mallorie! she let me feed them!

Yo Lady Dude, that girl that just walked into the party, i heard she is such a mallorie, she spent the last couple of days making food for this party and helped the host plan it.
by Shinzou22 January 28, 2013
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