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Mall Emo is the bands you see on MTV who you think are Emo, but really aren't. I.E., My Chemical Romance, The Used, Story of the Year, Dashboard Confessional, ect.
Person 1: Do you like Emo?
Person 2: Of course not! My Chemical Romance sucks, and so do all the other whiney Emo bands!
Person 1: Dude, that's not Emo. That's Mall Emo.
by Dorian Black! May 07, 2005
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Think's they're super hardcore and emo for listening to Evanescence and Linkin Park. They wander around the mall most of the time looking depressed and hanging around Hot Topic or Spencer.

They often wear:

1.) Plaid with pink, black, red, etc.
2.) Hot Topic skirts over jeans covered in patches
3.) Vans or Converse
4.) Messy hair, usually dull, unwashed brown, with cheap green highlights, or some other weird color.
5.) Chains and dirty old wristbands.
6.) Ripped HIM concert tees.
7.) chipped black nailpolish
8.) TONS of black eyeshadow and too much eyeliner.
Kayla the Mall Emo is such a poser.
by Alcoholic Politics November 26, 2008
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Mall emo is the kind of bands MTV calls emo, MCR, P!ATD, linkin park and so on, this is not what emo music is. Mall emo is not necessarily bad music it's just not emo music.
Other guy: are you anti-mall emo?
Some guy: fo'sho
by Immi_callmepnk August 24, 2007
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a mall emo is a person who fits the "emo" cliche (long greasy black fringe, tight lady black jeans, guyliner/heavy eyeliner, etc) who hangs about the mall listening (loudly) to "emo" music and moping about and just being "emo".
Normal person: Whoa! Check out the flocks of mall emo kids!
Other normal person: There everywhere!
by Quentin or is it Imy? November 28, 2007
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